5 great videos on benefits of localisation

Whether you’ve already localised your products or just considering it, these videos will show you how you can benefit from localising games, websites and applications. Some of the videos below cover also other localisation related topics, so you‘ll get many useful tips and exciting ideas.  

Creating Games for Global Players: Consider Localization & Culturalization

A talk by Kate Edwards delivered for the AltDev Student Summit on the importance on designing games for a global audience. To be able to increase your revenue through localisation, first you’ll need to assure that the game has a world-ready code and can be adapted for another culture. The main takeaway: avoiding sensitive cultural and geographical issues (e.g. references to religion or ethnicity) in the localised version is the first step to successful localisation.


Best Practices of Multilingual Websites

This two-hour long webinar provides an overview of how to build, maintain and market multilingual websites. It covers topics such as choice of language, benefits of multilingual websites, ways of providing access to the foreign language version. The main takeaways: localising website for your preferred audience doesn’t have to be complicated. And: stay away from machine translation to assure the right context and proper language use.


Games Going Global: Understanding Localization and its Benefit to Your Games

Another video on game localisation. This time it’s a panel discussion from the CasualConnect conference that introduces the topic of localisation and focuses on game localisation benefits. The main takeaway: no matter how big or popular your title is, localisation may take your game global and increase you revenue.


Series 40 Webinar: Localising Series 40 web apps

Although this webinar is about localisation of specific apps, it has an informative section on localisation benefits. At the very beginning of the recording you’ll find out what items have to be localised in a mobile application and why it is important to adjust your product to the local audience. The main takeaway: localisation of mobile applications isn’t a difficult process and it will help to present your product to users around the world.



Will English Always Be the Global Language?

Well, this video isn’t really related to localisation, but once you watch it, you’ll understand the importance of other languages. David Crystal explains why English may not always be the global language and how other languages can gain on importance. The main takeaway regarding localisation: only a fraction of the Internet is in English, the offline and online world has become multilingual, and so should be your products.


Can you recommend any other great videos on benefits of localisation?



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