The life of a first-time mother is full of challenges and surprises. The life of a mother who runs her own business can be even more intense on each and every level.


Is it possible to combine freelance work with motherhood, especially with no family support or limited access to childcare?


In this book, 15 women from across the world and from various industries share their stories on combining freelance career with motherhood. They talk about preparing for their new role and transitioning from a life of a freelance business owner into a life of a mother and freelancer.


You’ll also find here many tips and ideas on how to focus on your work and your baby, how to prioritize your self-care, and prepare for many unexpected challenges that may occur in your business and private life.

What does it mean to be successful as a freelancer?

And what does it take to achieve that success?


“Successful Freelancer’s Mindset” is for solopreneurs who want to learn how to pursue their freelance careers with happiness and pride. It’s also for those who want to take the leap from full-time employment to self-employment—without regrets.


In this book, you will learn how to identify the most common internal obstacles that may stop you from achieving your definition of success. From fear of failure, to fear of rejection and criticism, to procrastination or perfectionism—you will discover how to embrace your challenges to grow your freelance business on your own terms.


Here you will also find many tips and ideas on how to recognise when it’s time to give up on your idea, how to protect your boundaries, why it’s not only money that matters, or how empathy and non-attachment can help you become a better freelancer.

Find out how to make the best use of your time by setting the right goals, prioritizing and eliminating distractions to establish a smart approach to your freelance work.

Find out how to translate and localize websites, how to solve the most common challenges and adapt online content to your culture.