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About me

Decoding your message to help you communicate effectively across cultures

Hello! I’m Dorota, a professional translator and localization consultant. My mission? To bridge language and cultural gaps, helping businesses, organizations, and individuals connect globally.

A Decade of Expertise

Since 2009, I’ve been immersed in the world of localization. My specialty? Transforming websites, games, apps, and software, along with crafting IT-related texts, to resonate across cultures.

A Fusion of IT, Linguistics, and Emerging Technologies

My background is rooted in IT and linguistics, providing a unique perspective in my field. I’m deeply passionate about cutting-edge technologies like AI and Web3. As a Certified Prompt Engineer and a Certified Metaverse Expert, I bring a blend of technical expertise and creative insight to every project.


My services

Taking your business to the next level by localization and translation that works.


Do you need a Polish version of your IT manuals, UI strings, or marketing texts?

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Are you planning to localize your game, software, mobile application, or website into Polish?

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Lost in localization? I'm here to help you create your localization plan and simplify your workflows.

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SINCE 2009

Translating your ideas into great content

Take your business to the next level by making sure your content meets the needs of your target customers. From consulting and discussing your goals in a new market to translating your ideas into engaging content – I'll help you strike the right chord and enhance your online presence.


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Amsterdam, Netherlands

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