4 great videos on localisation for translators

Whether you’re an experienced localiser or just started your adventure with localisation, these videos may help you gain a broader view on localisation. Some are very informative and educational, others entertaining and creative. All in all, a perfect and inspiring combination.

What is language localisation – the Media Show

A good and entertaining explanation of what software localisation involves. It is presented in form of an interview carried out by a funny looking puppet. The video touches upon the basics of localisation, so even if you’re from a completely different industry you will get an idea of what it is, why it’s important and what are the main challenges. The main takeaway: it’s not about the text, it’s about the culture. Plus, the knowledge of two languages is not enough to go and localise a software product.


What Is Localization? #L10N – the Monterey Institue of International Studies

Very informative and detailed webinar on different tasks and job roles related to localisation presented by Max Troeyer. He explains the process from the very beginning, once the customer places the order, through sound, graphic and language localisation to the final product. The main takeaway:  successful localisation involves a team work of skilful and experienced individuals.



Localisation quest – How video game localisation works

A classic video on game localisation and all its challenges, traps and rewards. The form of the video game, familiar (at least to vivid game players) music and of course the author himself (Pablo Muñoz Sánchez) make this video a great resource for those who want to understand what game localisation really entails. The main takeaway: a good game translator has to be invisible, resourceful and ready for unpredictable quests and impossible missions.


Game translation on a shoestring: part 1 to 6

Another video on game localisation. This time it’s about relation between translators and project managers and the unavoidable time pressure that can affect this relation and the final outcome. The main takeaway: effective communication and teamwork are the key factors in successful game localisation process.


Can you recommend any other entertaining or educational videos on localisation that could be useful for translators?


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