Top 3 reasons to localise your website for the Polish market

Polish website localisationLocalisation might be a quick and effective method to help you launch your product or services in the foreign market. There are many benefits of localisation, from the increased return on investment, through competitive advantage, to a better brand position. Before you can enjoy all these advantages and see your sales rate sky-rocket, first you’ll need to determine languages and countries in which you’d like to offer your website. Let’s see how localisation into Polish can help you reach more consumers and position your brand in a foreign market.

Large number of active online users 

Poland has a high Internet penetration rate (67%), which means that nearly one third of the population has an Internet access. According to Internet Live Stats there are about 25 mln online users in Poland that can potentially browse your website and find out more about your products and services. This is slightly less than in Spain (35 mln users) and much more than in the Netherlands (16 mln users) or Australia (21 mln users). Polish users are also quite active and the majority browses Internet on a daily basis, as this study suggests. What does it mean for your brand? With Polish localisation you may not only gain access to a large number of potential customers, but also reach a very active group who is ready to interact with your brand.

Online shopping fans 

If you’re selling your products via the Internet, here’s a good news for you: Polish users are keen online shoppers. Nearly 30% of the Polish residents shop online and this number grows year-on-year. Poland is also the fastest growing e-commerce market in Europe, so there’s still a huge potential for your products and your brand. To establish your business in this dynamic market, you’ll need to adjust your product materials and website to the Polish culture – which means translating and localising it to make sure your Polish consumers can fully understand the advantages of buying from you.

A fast growing market

The Polish e-commerce is not the only industry on the growth. The Polish economy in general is very strong and attracts foreign investors. Your website available in Polish will be the first step to become a part of this growing market. That’s how you can mark your presence in the online world and pave your way towards more recognition among Polish consumers. Even if you’re not planning to enter the Polish market now, your Polish website will be a great source of information for all the Poles living in other countries. There are about 20 mln Polish speakers living outside of Poland, mainly in the US and Europe. A Polish version of your website will help you attract attention of the Polish users in your local market and gain their trust and loyalty. After all, wouldn’t you appreciate if someone spoke your language, no matter how distant or exotic it may sound?


Your website available in Polish and adjusted to the Polish culture will help you reach a wide group of online users. As a result, you’ll be able to establish your brand in a new market and increase the chances of selling your products and services to Polish consumers.

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