Spotlight on The All-round Translator

The All-round TranslatorTranslation is an art. There’s no doubt about that. That’s why together with Ellen Singer we have created ART – The All-round Translator.

The recipe is simple: gather local translators, add speakers from outside of the industry and sprinkle with a bit of fun, networking, and sightseeing. 

The outcome is simple too: a low-profile event that helps translators run their businesses more efficiently. A small group smooths communication and interaction between speakers and attendees, which means you can learn even more! And once you’re ready and inspired to put the valuable tips into practice and improve your business and marketing, we make sure you can sit back and enjoy the surroundings. A city tour and delicious dinner is where we continue networking and discussing. Every time in a different Dutch city, and every time in English.

The All-round Translator


The first ART took place last weekend in Delft and featured presentations on websites, sales and taxes. Our experts: Tom van der Horst, Jan Boon and Frank de Bats gave us great tips on how to build a website that converts, create your niche, find ideal customers and deal with the Dutch tax system.

Since the first edition was quite successful, we are already planning the next ART in October 2016. Again, the idea is to help translators collaborate, communicate and cope with all the important business tasks more effectively. So, if you happen to be somewhere in the Netherlands next year, do pay us a visit to see how ART helps translators get their business down to a fine art.


Sounds interesting? Check out our page for more updates about the next edition of The All-round Translator.


Dorota helps businesses and individuals to communicate successfully across cultures in the online world. She is a qualified translator and an entrepreneur supporting other self-employed professionals on their path toward building a more successful business.

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