Localising mobile applications for the Polish market

Polish mobile localizationThe mobile world grows dynamically and smartphones are becoming the main form of interaction between businesses and consumers. The question is no longer whether to develop and localise your app, but which markets and languages to choose to fully exploit the potential of your business application. Below you can see three reasons why localising for the Polish market can help you boost your sales and reach more potential costumers.

1. Large number of smartphone users

It is estimated that in 2015 the smartphone penetration rate in Poland exceeded 60%. This number constantly grows, making the Polish mobile market as attractive as many Western European countries. The most popular platform is Android, followed by Windows Phone and iPhone. About 50% of smartphone owners use mobile applications on a daily basis and have on average 17 installed applications. Although the widely used app types include communication and social media apps, products such as games or office applications are also highly demanded by the Polish users. Entertainment, communication and functionality seem to be the key features valued by the Polish app users.

2. One of the fastest growing e-commerce markets in the EU

If you’re an online shop owner, here’s the good news: Polish users enjoy shopping via the Internet. Nearly 30% of the Polish residents shop online and this number will increase every year. The best way to connect the dynamically growing mobile and e-commerce world is to create e-commerce apps aimed at the Polish users. From clothes through sport equipment and food – your users will be able to easily find and shop for their favourite items in their native language. This will help you earn their trust and gain a competitive advantage over other online stores.

3. Competitive advantage

Although many rankings with top languages for mobile app localisation list Polish somewhere around the 15th position, investing in Polish localisation is still well worth it. The reason is simple: if everyone goes for top 5 or top 10 languages, your app will be one of very few localised products that caters for the needs of the Polish users. The competition among app providers offering any top 5 or top 10 languages is always tough and your way to success might be long and curvy. So, why not take a step forward and think about the often overlooked group of users?


Depending on you app type, localising into Polish may help you improve your market presence and generate more profits. Remember to start from a thorough market research and your end user profile to make sure that localisation will lead to international success.   

Are you planning to localise your application into Polish? Or maybe you have already made your first steps on the Polish market? 


Photo by D. Pawlak


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