3 tips to make your mobile app more popular

mobileThere are many ways to reach the top app lists and ensure good reviews for your mobile applications. In most cases you’ll need to achieve several thousand downloads per day to climb the app store ladder. If this sounds too daunting, check out below how to fight your fear and get those numbers up.  

1. Simplicity

A beautiful design won’t always make your app intuitive and user-friendly. It’s not the number of features and shiny graphics that counts, but simple and smooth navigation. Your users are impatient, so make sure it doesn’t take more than 3 seconds to load your app or any part of it. Intuitive design also means that buttons are displayed in the correct place and all UI elements are properly aligned. If you localise your apps, make sure that the localised versions are also clear and easy to navigate. Quite often the best features and ideas are lost in translation and localisation, so double check for misplaced buttons, load time, complex menus and ambiguous strings.

2. Great multilingual descriptions

A simple and intuitive design is useless if no one gets to see it. To achieve a high number of downloads, tune up your mobile app description and make sure your users around the world can understand it. A perfect description should be engaging to convince your users to hit the download button. However, what works in the original language can be too vague in another. Find out what types of text will draw attention of your users in your target countries: Do you need to list the benefits and features of you app? Or maybe a touch of humour will be more engaging?

3. Promo videos

A great text is not enough to attract new users. To make your app stand out you can also record a short video that presents your app and tells an interesting story. You can add screenshots, list some features and benefits or show positive reactions of your users. The key element, however, is your call to action that should be placed at the end to make your viewers download your app or go to your website. To fully use the potential of your promo video, remember to adjust it to viewers from another countries and cultures. A good idea is to localise it to languages in which your app is available to show that you respect and understand your international audience. After all, your app will be more likely to drive thousands of downloads per day once it is tailored to your users around the world.


Simple and intuitive design, localisation and promo videos… the ways to the top are many. No matter what strategy you choose, remember to focus on your users and make them the centre of your story.


Photo by D. Pawlak


Dorota helps digital brands infuse their content with a local touch. She is a localization consultant, translator specialized in IT, prompt engineer, and a book author. Dorota teaches online courses on localization, writes for her blog and a Medium publication. She also runs a Small Biz AI, a Substack newsletter for freelancers and small business owners ready to discover handy AI tools.

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