How localisation can help your fashion business grow

fashion localisationWhether you’re just starting your clothing brand or looking to expand into a new niche, localisation will help you reach out to more customers and increase your sales. From developing a multilingual website to creating stories in your localised social media channels –many bu
siness opportunities will open up once you invest in localisation for your fashion brand.

Below you can see some examples of how localisation can help your clothing business grow.

1. Creating adjusted content for your target customers

You probably already have a specified target group for your clothing brand. Are they young adults? Business women? Sport lovers? Chances are that your ideal customer might have slightly different characteristics in every target market. To cater to the needs of your customers form every country or region you can set up a multilingual website and separate social media channels for every language version. With different versions for different markets you’ll be able to present your story and your product in the language and cultural settings of your target buyers. They will not only understand your content better, but will be also able to see your brand in specific local environment. Depending on your target audience, you’ll be able to post different news, pictures and promotions on social medial channels in different language versions. Thus, you’ll be able to interact with your worldwide audience and engage your website users more effectively.

2. Building trust and loyalty

Personalised content is the first step to build trust in your brand and increase customer’s loyalty. A localised website or social media platforms will help you create an impression that your fashion brand understands your customers and respects their culture, tradition and habits. For example, you’ll be able to publish images taken in different geographical or cultural settings to create a stronger bond with your target audience. If you run an online fashion store, localising items such as measurements, currency, shipping and payment methods will increase the comfort level of your target users and enhance their shopping experience. This in turn, will help to boost your sales and gain new customers.

3. Expanding to new markets

A thorough market research and localisation are two key components that will allow you to take a step to the foreign market. If your clothing brand is active only locally, you can quickly expand your reach by speaking the language and operating in the culture of your target customers from abroad. An international, English website or social media platforms are not enough to grow and tap into a new market. What really counts is not how original your brand or products are, but what image you can convey to your potential customers and what experience you can create for your target groups from outside of the country. A localised website, social media and marketing materials will help to achieve this goal and grow your fashion brand across the world.

Dorota helps digital brands infuse their content with a local touch. She is a localization consultant, translator specialized in IT, prompt engineer, and a book author. Dorota teaches online courses on localization, writes for her blog and a Medium publication. She also runs a Small Biz AI, a Substack newsletter for freelancers and small business owners ready to discover handy AI tools.

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