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Benefits of social media localisation for your business

A growing number of businesses realise that a multilingual website is an essential part of the international expansion. The benefits of website translation and localisation are many, including better online visibility and higher potential to gain your customer’s trust. But to fully prepare your business for the overseas markets you will also need to include social media localisation in your marketing strategy.

Below you can find the key benefits of adjusting your social media content for a global audience:

1. Easy engagement with your prospects and consumers

By creating social media profiles that are customised to your target audience in every country or region you’ll be able to publish personalised content. This in turn will make it easier to engage with your users and boost online conversations. A general Facebook page with content in English which is directed to all your customers across the world might not be enough to build strong connections or to promote your product successfully. The same is true for any other social channel. Once you know where your potential customers from the specific country spend their time online, you’ll be able to set up your business profiles on the right platforms and post in their language. In this way engaging and interacting with your prospects and consumers becomes much easier and more effective.

2. Real local presence

Localised social media will help your business build local presence. To gain trust of your target users it’s a good idea to create Tweets, Facebook posts or snaps in their language and with their cultural context. This is how you can prove that your business really is within the reach of your potential customers. Localised social media profiles will allow you to advertise local promotions or talk about your local events and activities without isolating audiences from other regions. Of course, to achieve the local presence you can’t focus on the language only, but also communicate your message and brand image in a culturally accepted manner.  

3. Higher website traffic

Finally, with localised social platforms you’ll be more likely to drive traffic to your multilingual website where your users can find out more about your business in their local language. And that’s the fast track to positioning your brand abroad. On top of that, your potential customers will be more likely to develop trust in your brand and try out your products or services. However, this will work out only if the message on your social channels and on the website is consistent and the localisation and translation meets the expectations and requirements of your target users.

Are you planning to expand your business abroad? Have you considered localising your social media profiles already?

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Dorota helps digital brands infuse their content with a local touch. She is a localization consultant, translator specialized in IT, prompt engineer, and a book author. Dorota teaches online courses on localization, writes for her blog and a Medium publication. She also runs a Small Biz AI, a Substack newsletter for freelancers and small business owners ready to discover handy AI tools.

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