3 ways your business website can reach more viewers


Mobile app localisation Is a great website design and catchy content enough to reach out to your potential customers? Maybe it is, but it may take ages until they discover your business. If you’re starting up or trying to expand to new markets, there’s a lot you can do to make sure that your website hits the mark.

1. Localise it

Sometimes your business may fail to approach right people or more customers because it is simply not clear to them. Even if your viewers can understand the content, they may feel that you don’t really understand them. Once you determine your target audience and know what languages or cultures shape them, you can adjust your website to the way your users perceive the world. Changing images, colours, currencies, redesigning the layout and adding or removing some content can make a huge difference on your way to more website views. Even if you want to work in your home market, localisation can help you expand as well. Many countries are multilingual and multicultural, so if you speak the language and understand the culture of different nationalities on your home market, you’ll be able to convince and attract more users and potential customers.

2. Socialise it

To reach out to more people, include links to your website on all your business social profiles. Remember to add your social media links to your website. If you host a blog on your website, share your articles on various platforms with relevant hashtags to make sure you can spread the word about your work.  The more readers you can reach and help through sharing your knowledge, the more viewers will keep coming back to your website and maybe eventually become your customers.

3. SEO-ise it

You don’t need to be an SEO specialist to apply some adjustments to your website and be sure your content is more user-friendly. You can start from basic tweaking, such as adapting your ALT tags, titles and headlines or adding internal links.  Make sure you publish high-quality and unique content on your pages, as otherwise search engines may not index it.  Be cautions with keywords though, as too many or unnaturally placed keyword may work to your disadvantage. Remember that quality of websites you link to and websites that link to your pages plays an important role too. Finally, make sure your websites and all images loads quickly to avoid discouraging your users and search engines.


Your business website may tell more about your business and services than you think. Make sure that everything you do with it is aligned to your brand image and strategy. Tweaking the content or sharing it on relevant platforms will help you increase your online presence and grow your business. So what will be your next step to achieve more website views?



Dorota helps digital brands infuse their content with a local touch. She is a localization consultant, translator specialized in IT, prompt engineer, and a book author. Dorota teaches online courses on localization, writes for her blog and a Medium publication. She also runs a Small Biz AI, a Substack newsletter for freelancers and small business owners ready to discover handy AI tools.

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