Consulting for freelancers

To start your freelance career or take your small business to the next level you need the right strategy in place. The key success factors include creating a compelling vision, identifying your target market, and building a strong brand image. However, there could be many barriers both in your private and business environment that can prevent you from pursuing your dream freelance or small business owner lifestyle.

And that’s where coaching and consultancy can make a difference. I’ll help you overcome the hurdles by reviewing and assessing your plans, needs, and ideas. Together we’ll find the best way to make your business ideas feasible and help you achieve your growth goals.

grow globally

During our online or face-to-face sessions you'll learn for example:

Take your business to the next level!

Do you have a specific challenge that’s stopping you from growing your business? Or maybe you’re not sure if your business ideas are feasible? Drop me a line to discuss your needs and expectations. We’ll examine your issues and see how to move forward.