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What books will help you expand your knowledge on localization?


‘What resources do I need to read to learn more about localization?’
Maybe you’ve asked this question multiple times. Maybe you have your answers already.


But in case you’re still wondering and browsing through online and offline libraries, I’ve compiled an inspiring, non-exhaustive list of localization books and magazines that can help you take your localization skills to the next level. And yes, I’ve read them all. 🙂


1. A Practical Guide to Localization by Bert Esselink

A good place to start your adventure with localization. This was the first book I read about localization many years ago.


2. Translation and Web Localization by Miguel A. Jimenez-Crespo

A very comprehensive guide through the website localization process. This was my inspiration for creating website localization courses.


3. The Game Localization Handbook by Heather Maxwell Chandler

A must-read for all game localization fans.


4. Game Localization: Translation for the global digital entertainment industry by Minako O’Hagan and Carme Mangiron

So inspiring! I had an opportunity to meet both authors at a conference in Barcelona few years ago. They admitted it took about 5 years to write this book. Well, it’s packed with knowledge and great tips, so I’m sure you’ll notice their hard work!


5. Localizing Apps by Johann Roturier

The title is a bit misleading. I reached for this book hoping to find out more about mobile app localization, but the author focused mainly on websites and software, explaining that the term “apps” can be extended to these areas as well. Still, it’s a very good read.


6. The Culturally Customized Website by Nittish Singh and Arun Peirera

If you want to find out how cultural dimensions can be reflected in website localization and development, this is the perfect book for you.


7. The Art of the Global Gateway by John Yunker

You’ll find here everything about building the right language navigation menu for the multilingual website.


8. The Culture Map by Erin Meyer

Not a localization book per se, but it’s a fountain of knowledge about communication across cultures. Eye-opening!


9. Perspectives on Localization edited by Keiran H. Dunne

A compilation of excellent scientific articles on localization.


10. The Multilingual Magazine

You’ll find localization topics in nearly every edition of this magazine available both online and in printed version.

Now, next time you feel like reading more on your favorite topic, you’ll know where to start!



P.S. If you prefer to hone your skills by listening instead of reading, have a look at my online localization courses.