Courses and workshops

To help students and translators learn more about localisation I share my knowledge and experience in courses – both online and in person.

If you want to find out how to localise websites or mobile applications, you can join the following online courses:

Website Localisation for Translators

website localization

This course will introduce you to the basics of website translation and localisation.

In 42 video lectures with a total duration of 2,5 hours the course covers both theoretical and practical aspects of website localisation and covers topics such as:

Website localisation process

Cultural adaptation

Digital genres

Tools and technology

Quality in website localisation

This course is currently available here via Udemy.

The course lectures include:

What website localisation really is? What does it mean to internationalise a website? What are the website localisation levels? How does a website localisation process look like? Who is involved in website localisation? Do I need to work with a team?

What is cultural adaptation? What are the levels of cultural adaptation?

What are the digital genres? How to classify digital genres? What translation strategies can be used with each genre?

What do you need to know about HTML? What do you need to know about XML? What about other programming languages? What website localisation tools should you use? What is XLIFF and what do you need to know about it? What should you know about variables?

Why localisation of graphics is important? How to localise graphics?

Practical tips and discussion about real-life scenarios

What is localisation testing? How does it work? Is it enough? How to assure good quality?

How to stay up to date with the industry? What skills do you need?

In this course you will learn how to translate and localise a website, paying special attention to cultural adaptation.

You'll also learn how to process files such as html, xml or php, what tools to use and what options to set to be able to localise your content correctly.

You'll find out how to test a localised website and what to do to assure good quality of your work.

Once you understand the background of the website localization, you’ll be able to move on to the practical issues. First I’ll teach you how to set a rate and deadline for your website localisation project and how to specify the word count of the translatable text

You’ll learn why it is important to adapt a website to the target culture and how to do it. I’ll show you some examples of culturally adapted websites and explain why the specific changes had to be implemented.

“Excellent course! Very complete and detailed for those who are interested in working with website localization. Many localization concepts on this course can also be applied to game localization because of its similarities. I definitively recommend it!”

Mário Costa Messias


“It was a great and detailed class for practical use of knowledge and skills! I would recommend this class especially for those who that are currently a translator, and seeking their way in to expand the knowledge and expertise into the website translations.”

Hiromi Luoma


“This course was the perfect match for me. The information was clear and the lectures were followed by interesting exercises. It was fun to learn and apply new skills on the go. Thanks!”

Detelina Mileva

Mobile App Localisation for Translators

In this course you will learn how to translate and localise mobile apps and find out what tools to use to make this process easier. You will also see a few sample projects and real-life scenarios to get you started on your path to a new specialisation. Finally, you will have a sneak peek into the workflows of your potential customers to be able to draw up a marketing plan for your freelance business.

In 36 video lectures with a total duration of 2,5 hours the course covers both theoretical and practical aspects of mobile app localisation:

Mobile app localisation process

Overview of mobile app operating systems

The most common challenges and solutions

Mobile app localisation tools

Mobile app testing

This course is currently available here via Udemy.

The course lectures include:

Introduction to the course Preview 00:54 What is localWhat is localisation? Why mobile app localisation is an interesting industry? How does the mobile app localisation process look like? What is the role of translator? What other skills will you need? What are the features of mobile app operating systems? What are the features of Google Play, App Store? How apps are developed?

Examples and solutions to the most common issues in mobile app localisation

What programming languages are What programming languages are used for developing apps? What file formats will I work with as an app translator? What tools can you use for mobile app localisation? Which tool should you choose?

Examples of real-life projects

What is localisation testing? What are the types of localisation testing? How to test mobile apps? How to test effectively?

What skills do you need? How to find customers as a freelance mobile app translator?

In this course you will learn how to translate and localise a mobile app.

You'll also find out what technology and tools you'll need to be able to localise mobile applications.

As a freelance translator you'll also need to know how to reach out to the right people and find customers in the mobile app industry.

This course will also guide in the right direction if you're looking for ways to be up to date with the changing mobile app industry.


Milena Signorello


“As someone who has translated apps for 7 years (only doing the translation work itself, everything else is dealt by the agencies I provide translation services to), I was pleasantly surprised by this course. There’s a lot more to the localization process that I wasn’t aware of previously, and this course has made me feel better prepared to eventually offer my services directly to developers..”

Karen Batista


“This course is an excellent introduction for professionals wanting to dive into the localization industry.”

Elias Aued

I also offer on demand workshops:

  • Tailor-made training for students, translators and language service providers
  • A workshop program adapted to the needs of your target audience
  • Online and in person

Feel free to contact me to discuss your training needs and to find out how you can expand your localisation expertise.


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