and workshops

To help students and translators learn more about localisation I share my knowledge and experience in courses – both online and in person.

If you want to find out how to localise website, you can join the following online courses:

Introduction to website localisation

This introductory website localisation course covers the basics of website localisation process.
The lectures include the following topics:
  • Localisation process
  • Cultural adaptation
  • Digital genres
  • Localisation testing
  • Website localisation tools
  • Basics of HTML, XML and XLIFF
  • Localisation of graphics
  • Localisation of graphics
  • Working with direct clients and LSPs
  • Tips and tricks to work smarter
  • Professional development

    The course consists of 42 video lectures divided in 9 sections, plus self-assessment quizzes and an optional final assignment.
    The course is estimated for a total of 4 hours of individual study.

    By the end of the course you will know:

  • How to translate and localise websites developed in HTML or XML
  • How to adapt the contents of websites to another culture
  • How to perform localisation testing
  • How to work with XLIFF files
  • How to work on a localisation project, alone or with a team

    More details are available at the course website at eCPD.

    Website Localisation for Translators

    The course introduces the basics of website translation and localisation.
    In 42 video lectures with a total duration of 2,5 hours the course covers both theoretical
    and practical aspects of website localisation and includes the following sections:

  • Website localisation process
  • Cultural adaptation
  • Digital genres
  • How to do it?
  • Quality in website localisation

    By the end of the course you will know:

  • How to translate files with HTML and XML tags.
  • What tools you should use for website localisation.
  • How to set a rate and deadline of your project.
  • How to assure high quality in website localisation.

    More details are available at the course website at Udemy.

    I also offer on demand workshops:

  • Tailor-made training for students, translators and language service providers
  • A workshop program adapted to the needs of your target audience
  • Online and in person

    Feel free to contact me to discuss the program of your workshop and find out how you can expand your localisation expertise.